Saturday, August 25, 2018

A True Student of Knowledge!

بـسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Imām Adh-Dhahabi 13/292 mentioned: “Baqiyah Ibn Makhlad traveled by foot from Andalusia (Spain) to Baghdād (Irāq) in order to meet Imām Ahmad – Rahimahullah so as to study at his hands. Baqiyah said: “So when I drew close to Baghdād  the news of Imām Ahmad being put to trial reached me, I had heard that he had been prevented from having gatherings with  people and teaching them, so this distressed me greatly. When I arrived in Baghdād, I placed my possessions in a room and then went out seeking the abode of Imām Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, I was shown his home and went and knocked the door ,  Imām Ahmad himself opened, so I said: “Oh Abā Abdillah! (I am) a man from a strange land and a seeker of Hadeeth, and one who scribes the sunnah and my journey was not except to you.

So he said to me: “Enter the house and let no one see you! He questioned me and said: “I am under trial and have been prevented from teaching and educating.”

So I said to him: “I am a stranger (to these lands) so if you permit, I will come to you in the garments of a poor beggar, and stand at your door asking for charity and aid, then you come out to me and narrate to me even if it is one Hadeeth.

Baqiyah said: “So I used to come everyday and stand at the door and I would say: “An offering, May Allah show you mercy! So Ahmad used to come to me and enter me into the passageway and narrate to me two or three Hadeeth or more until I had collected some 300 Hadeeth.

Then Allah lifted the trial from Imām Ahmad and his mention had become widespread. Whenever I would visit him after that, while he was in a huge circle and students of knowledge  were around him, he would open a space for me and bring me close to him and say to the companions of Hadeeth:

“Here is one who deserves the title ‘Student of knowledge!”

(Siyar A’lāmin Nubalā 13/292)


9/11/16, 12:19 AM