Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shaykh Ibn Baaz summarises the characteristics of those who will enter into Jannah without reckoning and punishment.

Those who will enter paradise without reckoning and punishment

“So these are the characteristics of the 70,000 (who will enter paradise without reckoning and punishment) :

• They are those who perform the obligated duties

• They abandon those things which have been forbidden including things which are polytheistic

• They rely and depend upon Allaah

• They entrust their affairs with Allaah along with taking lawful means in order to seek sustenance, trade, and various types of lawful medication ‘

• However, they leave that which they require from the people like incantations (ruqyah) or things that may cause a certain pain (e.g. cauterisation) unless they are driven by necessity to do so.

• They also distance themselves from certain lawful matters which have in them certain deficiency (shortcomings).

So Allaah will reward them by entering them into the paradise without reckoning and without punishment.

Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed, Shaikh Ibn Baaz

Translated by Abu Tasneem Mushaf


Source: https://twitter.com/aboo_tasneem, 10/28/17, 1:29 PM