Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Tremendous Statement...Love is of 2 Types...Ibn ul-Qayyim رجمه الله

Love is of Two Types

Ibn Al-Qayyim رحمه الله  said:

[The first being] the love that is the paradise of [this] earth, the rejoicement of the spirit, the gratification of the heart, the bliss of the soul and its nourishment and cure, in fact it is its life and delight. It is love of Allah alone with all of one’s heart, and by drawing out and directing the intensities of one’s attachments, wants and love entirely towards Him.

[The second type of] love is the torment of the soul, the sadness of the spirit, the prison of the heart and the tightness of the chest. It is the cause of pain, bitterness and weariness. It is the love for other than Him – glorified be He.

٢ /٢٤ زاد المعاد:

Translated by:
Abu Arwa Ali


Source: https://twitter.com/SalafiDawaLancs, 1/18/18, 1:17 PM