Saturday, September 8, 2018

Favour of true friend...

Verily, Allāh has blessed you with a true friend; when you forget he reminds you, when you remember he aids you, and when you become weak he strengthens you, he supports you through supplication, he is sincere towards you with affection, and he brings you happiness through generosity and kindness, and he is good towards you through sincere advice, you find him in your distress just like you find him in your joy. Therefore, this is a great blessing from Allāh, and a tremendous favour from Him. So hold on to him if you have found him, And ask Allāh from his favour if you have lost him.

Official English Twitter Account of the Noble Shaykh Dr. Moammad bin Ghālib al-ʿUmarī (حَفِظَهُ اَللهُ)

9/7/18, 11:07 PM