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The Meaning of Qaswah [Hardness] of the Heart

The Meaning of Qaswah [Hardness] of the Heart

The word Qaswah comes from Qasā/Yaqsū, which  in the Arabic  language means to be hard in every sense. It is said a stone is  Qās, meaning solid; and the earth is Qāsīyah,  meaning it does not  produce any vegetation.1

Ibn Manūr (رَحِمَهُ اللهُ) said:

Hardness of the heart is the loss of softness, mercy  and humility from it.

Al-Qurubi (رَحِمَهُ اللهُ) said:

Al-Qaswah is hardness, sternness and dryness.

Therefore, this is a word indicating the absence of penitence and [lack of] submissiveness to the Ayāt of Allāh.2

Al-Mubārakfūrī (رَحِمَهُ اللهُ) defined hardness of the heartto mean:

A dislike to hear the truth and a desire to [excessively] socialize with the creation; and a deficiency in the fear of  Allāh, the absence of humility and weeping, and frequent  heedlessness of the everlasting abode [i.e. the Hereafter].3

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Selected from: A Treatise In Condemnation Of THE HARDNESS OF THE HEART, 18|Page,  by āfi Ibn Rajab  al-anbalī (d. 795H), Translated by Hassan Hussein Abdi, Publisher: HIKMAH PUBLICATIONS, Philadelphia, PA.  

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