Tuesday, August 29, 2017

‘Abdullāh ibn Mas’ūd: "So whoever reaches that time, then let him escape." A great statement by a great Sahabi about a great affair!

‘Abdullāh ibn Mas’ūd [d.32AH] radī Allāhu ‘anhu – said:

“Beware of what the people innovate from innovations for, verily, the religion is not taken from the hearts in one time. [Rather], Shaytān places innovations for him (i.e. an individual) up until īmān leaves his heart. The people are on the verge of leaving what Allāh enjoined on them from His obligations of the salāh (prayer), the siyām (fasting), the halāl, and the harām, and they [will begin to] speak [falsely] about their Lord,’Azza wa Jal.  So whoever reaches that time, then let him escape.”

It was said: ”O’ Abā ‘Abdir-Rahmān, to where?”

He replied: ”To nowhere. He escapes with his heart and his religion; he does not sit with anyone from the people of innovation.”


[Sharh Usūl I’tiqād Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jamā’ah, (v.1 p.137, no. 196), of al-Lālika’ī]


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