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“Whoever exerts himself to have patience and pushes himself..."

من يتصبر يصبره الله

1) "Man yatasab-bar yusab-bir-hullaah" 

1) Whoever exerts himself to have patience and pushes himself, when he doesn't think that he can be patient anymore, Allaah will grant him success and Allaah will make him patient because of his struggle.  

2) The Messenger (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) also said in the hadeeth. 'Whoever pushes himself in his vigilance about attaining good, then he will receive it.' 

من يتحر الخير يعطه

2) "Man yataharral-khayra yu'tahu"

 ("he will be given it" is better than "he will receive it" in the quoted translation

1) As stated, Collected by Ahmad in his Musnad (3/12) from the narration of Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree. It was also collected by al-Bukhaaree (1469) and Muslim (1089) with a longer wording. The narration found in the Musnad opens with the quoted wording. 

2) As-Suyootee said in al-Jaami' al-Kabeer: It was collected by ad-Daaraqutnee in his Afraad and al-Khateeb in Tareekh Baghdaad from the narration of Aboo Hurayrah, and it was collected by al-Khateeb from the narration of Abud-Dardaa'. Al-Albaanee judged it hasan al-Jaami' al-Kabeer, adding  a reference to As-Silsilah as-Saheehah (#342).

Translated by Abul-`Abbaas Moosaa Richardson ((حفظه الله who added ‘NOTE: The translations may seem a bit lengthy for only a few words in Arabic, but they are heavy Arabic phrases employing lots of linguistic devices.’

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