Sunday, September 3, 2017

Silent Devils

A Reminder for Those Who Remain Silent While Tawhīd is Devalued, the Scholars are Belittled, and Callers are Defamed

Al-Imām Ibn Bāz (رحمه الله) stated,

“Some of the Salaf said, ’The one who is silent concerning the truth is a mute devil, and the one who speaks with falsehood is a talking devil.’ Thus,the speaking devil is the one who utters falsehood and calls to it. Conversely, the one who remain silent concerning the truth – with the ability to speak – and does not enjoin good or prohibit evil or change what is necessary and stays quiet while he able to speak, this one is called a mute devil from the Shayātīn of mankind.”*



Source:, 17/8/2017, 6:31 AM