Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan on “Comedy-Style” Entertainment Da'wah

Q: Some callers have adopted laughter [joking] as a way and means of da’wah to the people in [directing them to] guidance and repentance to Allah through their lectures and speeches they deliver, what is the ruling on this in regards to da’wah?

A: Laughing and joking has never at any time been from [the affair of] da’wah to Allah! Calling to Allah is through the Book and Sunnah, and through admonition and reminding.

As for joking and laughter it kills the hearts, and the people end up laughing and joking and they come to this place [where the “da’wah event” is being held] not for da’wah but rather for amusement! This is never appropriate and not the way of da’wah, rather it is a way of amusement.

الإجابات المهمة في المشاكل الملمة ص 193